Athlete of the month


Each month we feature a member who we fell deserves the title of Athlete of the month

Past Athlete's of the month 2016

Dave Owens - January

This months Athlete of the month is DAVE OWENS. Dave impresses us everytime with his cheerful and positive outlook. Never one to give up he gives 100% everytime and is improving each time we see him. Crossfit Moorabbin is proud to have him as our first athlete of the month.

Leora Yates - February


Leora is consistant with her traininig always, sticks to the programming and gets it done. Plugging away and hitting some big PR's. She sets a goal and works on it until she gets it!.

Esmond Pokino - March

This months Athlete of the month is ESMOND POKINO. Esmond is persistant, a hard worker, never giving up giving it everything he has. He is committed to his training and has improved greatly since joining our box. CrossFit Moorabbin is proud to call Esmond our athlete of the month..

Courtney Baron - April


Congratulations to COURTNEY BARON this month for our April athlete of the month. Courtney was a stand out for all the coaches votes. In the last month she has really stepped up her training. Seeked advise on how to achieve her goals with training and nutrition. Added extra sessions to her training and her results are already showing

Matt Wallis - May


Congratulations to MATT WALLIS he is our May athlete of the month. Matt is a well deserved athlete showing persistance, commitment and listening to advice. He is a quick learner and improving quickly!

Lee Cooper - June


Congratulations to Lee Cooper she is our June athlete of the month. With her warm friendly and funny personality, and her consistant weight and strength gains, We are proud to have Lee as our athlete of the month

Jenny Scott - July


Congratulations to Jenny Scott our July member of the month!! 👏🏻🌟❤️👊🏻

You have done amazing lately showing us awesome wall walks to hand stand holds, kipping pull ups and consistency with your training!!

Dara - August

Congratulations to DARA our August member of the month!! 

He takes out the most improved member this month with his killer pull ups and showing better mobility every time.

Monica - September

Congratulations to MONICA our September member of the month!! 

She takes out the most improved member this month with her pull ups and pushing herself to living heavier each time.

JAS- October

Congratulations to JAS our October member of the month!! 

He is committed and puts in that extra effort. Listening to his coaches to work on his weaknesses. 

Monique - November

Congratulations to Monique our November member of the month!! 

Our yummy mummy shows us how its done with her massive improvements

Shelly - December

Congratulations to SHELLY our December member of the month!! 

Shelly is one of up and coming athletes and one to watch. Competing in our MiniBowl4 and impressing us with her strength gains. Shelly is very deserving of our Athlete of the Month title

Jayne - 2016

Congratulations to JAYNE our 2016 athlete of the year! 

With Jaynes hard work to get the job done. An awesome team player that is humble! A well deserving title of the athlete of the year!