Helping Crossfitters improve in the endurance and cardiovascular side

to CrossFit as well as create a wider variety for our fitness family.


CrossFit Moorabbin Endurance is not just for our cardio junkies but for anyone from beginners all the way to elite. Whether your goal is weight loss, increase cardio fitness, prepare for an upcoming race or even to work on your weakness in running through your CrossFit journey.


The Endurance program won’t be continuous throughout the year but will be going through cycles of 12 weeks leading up to a particular event and getting athletes prepared but if you just love running or its your weakness and you would like to improve, then this extra program is for you.


If you were to miss out on the opportunity to join the program, not to worry because once the 12 week cycle is over. The next 12 week cycle is soon to start after that.


If the program were not to be running and you as an individual would like extra training, our head endurance coach Shane would be more than happy to help you out with personal training to get you further on your journey.


Email Shane on shane@crossfitmoorabbin.com


Visit our Crossfit Moorabbin Endurance facebook page 


Looking for a summer program to keep fit, lose weight, build muscle and improve muscular endurance? Join our 8 week endurance program. Everyone is welcome to join! 




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