Event 1

  • Can be power, squat, or split…

  • Must be one continuous movement from the ground 

  • Bar cannot rest on ground for any length of time but must touch the ground before performing next rep

  • You can pause once a clean is complete or on the way back to the ground (racked on shoulders, at hips)

  • Make sure you clearly finish your clean before continuing onto the next rep

Event 2

  • No kipping on strict (daaaaaa)

  • Head must touch ground 

  • Show lockout and control at the top every rep (feet on wall)

  • Feet cannot finish outside of width of hands 

  • Only feet can tough the wall in the completion of each rep (ass off the wall)

  • push up shoulder and hips must move together

  • push up chest and thighs must connect with ground at the bottom of rep and fill lock out hips level at the top

Event 3

  • Any form of snatch is permitted (power, split, squat)

  • Bar must start from the ground 

  • The bar must move in one continuous movement to above head 

  • Press out is permitted, although if the bar touches your head or any other part of you body “no rep”

Event 4

Standards pistols:

  • Hip crease below top of knee

  • Full extension of knee and hips under control at top of movement before alternating 

  • You must alternate every rep

Wall ball standards:

  • Must move through a full squat movement 

  • Ball must touch target 

  • If you drop the ball it must come to rest before you can begin again

Event 5

  • Bar must be jerked from front rack

  • Any jerk or shoulder to over head movement is permitted 

  • Must finish in controlled lock out feet under hips, knees, hips and elbows locked out

Event 6

  • Movement:

  • Perform a burpee and jump onto box

  • Step ups are permitted, although both feet must touch the top of the box 

  • You must face the box

Event 9

  •  Muscle ups start from a dead hang and finish with elbows locked out over rings 

  •  Chest to bars start from dead hang and finish with chest connecting with the front side of the bar below collar bones

  •  Snatches:

  •  Always start from ground

  •  Alternate every rep

  •  You cannot change arms until you finish the rep on one arm 

  •  One smooth movement to above head 

  • Must be a squat snatch for advanced and power or muscle for intermediate 

  • Advanced can ride the squat down but it must be one continuous movement 

  • Movement finishes with knees, hips and elbows locked out and under control above head