Sara Pihlflyckt

Hi! I am Sara. ​

I’m a girl who has a huge passion for food, fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I’m a very adventurous person who loves travelling, exploring and trying new things. I am constantly looking for ways to educate myself in health and fitness. ​ I always loved food ever since I was a kid and having 3 siblings made me a super-fast eater too! If you were slow at dinner the food might have been gone by the time you wanted a refill. When I was 28 I quit my day job as an accountant to give myself some time to focus on my own training and moved to Bali before I ended up here in Melbourne, which I now call my home. ​

I was born and raised in a small country town called Sipoo in southern Finland. As a kid, I didn’t do any sports and when I was a teenager, I got more interested in the party side of life. ​ You can say that I wasn’t really into health or fitness until at age 22 when I felt that I needed to get healthier and lose a few kgs. I tried a couple of different things like Muay Thai, and running but didn’t really get excited about anything until one of my friends asked me to go and try this CrossFit thing. I was hooked straight away! I loved the community, it is what made me train more! When I first started CrossFit I was uncoordinated, had bad mobility and had no strength. For the first two years, I just worked on all basic movements and an empty barbell.

During my early days at CrossFit, I never really believed in myself and didn’t have the confidence. I just knew I wanted to get better. I started to educate myself with different books, podcasts and attended seminars just to learn how to become a better athlete. I have tried many different things some things have worked well, and some things haven’t worked as well as others. I believe my failures have taught me the most. I wouldn’t be the coach/athlete I am today without those setbacks.

  • Health Mindset Coaching Certification
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 NUTRITION EDUCATION PROGRAM 2019
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Mobility Course 2015
  • Finnish Weightlifting federation - WEIGHTLIFTING - COACH