"My husband Ryan and I have just completed the 12 week Moorabbin Strength Program. We decided to make our health and fitness a priority and just give it a proper go for the duration of the 12 weeks. Kyle also helped us with a food plan for this time. Firstly, (and importantly) we really enjoyed the program and the way it was structured week to week.

We went in with a few small goals which were quite vague 1) lose some weight 2) tone up 3) build strength 4) improve lifting technique.

The results speak for themselves.
I have lost a few kilos, significantly changed body shape and toned up my arms, legs and belly. My back squat has jumped 20kgs to comfortably over 100kg (and still improving), same goes for front and overhead squat. My snatch and clean have both improved by almost 20kg! All my Oly movements look and feel 150% better and I'm so much more comfortable in that domain.

Ryan has lost 8.5kgs. None of his clothes fit anymore. He has lost 4 inches off his waist and looks like quite a different, healthier and happier person. Ryan's back squat improved by 35kgs to 150kgs. He has also nearly doubled his max snatch weight. He is moving so much better with all Oly movements and packing some weight on with his power lifting.

Most importantly for us we are both inspired to continue and hit some big goals in the coming year! The strength we've built has also translated into our gymnastic ability where we've seen quite an improvement without actually spending much time on those movements.

We both highly recommend the program for anyone looking to build strength and technique with some brilliant and personal coaching.

Thank you Kyle and Crossfit Moorabbin!!"

Shosh & Ryan